Dr. James Andrews and Sovereign Healthcare have joined forces to form Andrews Ambulatory Surgery and will endeavor to develop next generation surgery centers with partners across the country.

The combination brings together Andrews’ world-renowned expertise in orthopedic, sports medicine, and outpatient surgery with Sovereign Healthcare’s best-in-class reputation for strategy, development, and operational management.

Dr. James R. Andrews, one of the most prominent surgeons and physician leaders in the world, announced today the formation of a new entity, Andrews Ambulatory Surgery, which is a joint venture between Andrews Medicine, LLC and Sovereign Healthcare, a healthcare development and management company based in California. The new entity looks to leverage the strengths of both parties and develop – in partnership with physicians and health systems across the country – the foremost ambulatory surgery centers in their respective markets and bring next generation capabilities and strategies to their communities.

“We’ve had so many opportunities over the years to take our expertise and our best practices and assist doctors and hospitals and other organizations try to replicate our success, and now, in forming Andrews Ambulatory Surgery, we will have the resources and infrastructure to do just that,” said Dr. Andrews.

“Sovereign Healthcare is a terrific partner that has consistently been on the forefront of the ASC industry and the fit with our culture is strong. Together we can make an impact for organizations across the country.”

Andrews Ambulatory Surgery is already assessing opportunities across the country and expects announcements of new projects in the coming months. The announcement of this new entity comes on the heels of a similar relationship Dr. Andrews has formed with American Orthopedic Partners (AOP), a physician-owned and physician-led national specialty practice focused on the physician-practice side of orthopedics. While Andrews Ambulatory Surgery will look at opportunities with AOP, it will also look for opportunities independent of those efforts and even those beyond orthopedics.

“It’s an exciting time for Sovereign Healthcare as we join with a groundbreaking physician leader like Dr. Andrews,” said Jeremy Hogue, CEO of Sovereign Healthcare.

“Healthcare is rapidly changing, and the demands on physicians and their practices to do more than just care for patients are accelerating. Dr. Andrews challenged us to think forward and create solutions that really address these dynamics. We look forward to guiding our partners – both physicians and health systems – in highly strategic ways that truly advance the ball from their current state.”

Doctors and health systems who wish to discuss the capabilities of this joint venture and learn more are can call Sovereign Healthcare at 949-706-9900.

About James A. Andrews, MD
Over the course of his illustrious career, Dr. James Andrews has become one of the foremost authorities and sought-after experts in the world related to orthopedic, sports medicine and surgical innovations. His expertise not only is in demand in the operating room and in the care of athletes, but also in the development of medical enterprises ranging from physician practices and clinics, to research and education efforts with the most prominent fellowship program in the country, to advising on the development of new technologies and that have led to advances in medicine for patients everywhere. In addition to operating on elite athletes from around the world, including, Dr. Andrews has trained and mentored over 400 physicians through various fellowship programs he has launched and overseen, including the American Sports Medicine Institute and the Andrews Research and Education Foundation. Dr. Andrews has also developed clinic locations across the country, including Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama, the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and the Children’s Health Andrews Institute in Dallas, Texas. Just recently, Dr. Andrews has announced a new, to-be-developed Andrews Institute site in partnership with Flagler Health+ in Northeast Florida.